Do I Need Special Equipment for My Wedding or Event Photographer?

When it comes to recording events, you don't have to worry too much about studio equipment and lighting. However, that doesn't mean you can travel light when taking photos. You should make sure you have the camera body, lenses, flash, and possibly a diffuser and strap. Ideally, you should have two or three flashes and be able to shoot off-camera with a light holder, an umbrella, and flash triggers.

My wedding kit includes five flashes and an Einstein strobe light with a couple of different modifiers. To be a successful wedding photographer, you need to have a deep personal interest in weddings and be familiar with them. Communication is key when photographing any event, whether it's a birthday party for a friend or a corporate event for a client. Assembling the right photographic equipment to create the best quality works of art for your clients can seem like an overwhelming task.

If you don't like weddings, then wedding photography isn't for you. That said, there are many great photographers who only use 5d3 cameras and consider it their best camera. Having the right equipment for the job is essential to be able to manage the flood of lighting scenarios that a wedding photographer will encounter at every outing. It's best to have backup equipment in case something fails or is stolen during the wedding.

Shooting with a full-frame (FF) camera is your best option if you want to get the highest quality images. It's also useful for event photographers when their images are underexposed but need to be salvaged for customers. I believe that equipment doesn't matter anymore and the most professional thing a photographer can do is to have as much experience as possible photographing and have backup equipment in case something goes wrong. Whether you're an experienced professional who's always spending extra money on new lenses or if you're a new photographer thinking of taking up wedding photography, it's important to narrow down your list of essentials.

Having lots of chargers on hand will make preparing for the wedding faster (more chargers mean faster battery charging times), but you can also bring a charger to the wedding and charge your mobile there if necessary. Named one of the best wedding photographers in Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula by Vogue Ballroom, Brighton Savoy and Vines of the Yarra Valley, it's always best to find out what the dress code will be for the event and tailor your outfit to fit the occasion.

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