Do I Need Special Lighting for My Wedding or Event Photographer?

I Definitely don't want you to ruin your budget. While lighting is a popular option, if you think it's not the right service for your event, you might be right. If you're having an outdoor event, look for bistro lighting. Chain lighting effects, such as bistro lighting, are ideal for illuminating rustic and traditional weddings. Maybe you don't need lighting at all.

With custom draping, there are thousands of possibilities. A well-placed draped background looks fantastic behind a main table or as a backdrop for photographs. When it comes to your wedding, we know how difficult it can be to manage your budget. Here's a simple list to help you decide if you need lighting for your wedding. Lighting creates the ambience and theme of a celebration.

Use uplighting, downlighting, projection mapping, and more to highlight individual decor elements or the place as a whole. Well-thought-out wedding lighting can also indicate to guests that their celebration is moving from cocktails to dinner, from dinner to dancing. One of the worst feelings for an event photographer is to see something incredible at the moment you want to create and not have the tools you need to execute your idea. Photographers should be prepared when a wedding presents a scenario that is impossible to photograph without a flash. In business for three decades, Eventions specializes in lighting, audio design, video and multimedia projection, pipes and curtains, and energy generation for more than 400 large scale events every year.

However, first of all, photographers must understand that there is rarely a “right way” to illuminate a photograph. Work with your partner, your planner, your photographer and your venue to determine which wedding rental improvements will have the greatest impact on your wedding day. Kate Whelan Events brought an air of garden charm to this autumnal wedding ceremony and reception with a romantic and glittering decoration with lanterns. The Collective Seattle partnered with Le Luci Event Lighting LLC to bring a modern twist to this garden wedding with balloon-shaped chandeliers suspended from the treetops. The fun and eclectic chandeliers of Kehoe Designs join an iridescent-lit dance floor from BlackOak Technical Productions for a whimsical wedding reception that cries out to be photographed. The Rogue FlashBender is popular with wedding photographers as a flash accessory that can be folded to get the perfect rebound angle.

Brian Toner is the owner and principal designer of the Philadelphia-based event services firm Eventions Productions. I've had the honor of photographing hundreds of weddings around the world, and along the way, I learned invaluable lessons about how to approach and prepare for event lighting. Think beyond the ballroom, with outdoor lighting that illuminates palm trees and guests alike, as in this lush tropical wedding hosted by Chic Bahamas Weddings and Events. One of the first things I noticed on this trip was that lighting for weddings and events presents a number of unique challenges. This function can be taught and shaped, and when the assistant understands the photographer's personal approach to event lighting, the result is smooth and seamless coverage of the event.

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