Creating Timeless and Classic Wedding Photos

When it comes to creating timeless and classic wedding photos, the experts at GATHER Events suggest focusing on the personalities and stories of the couple. It doesn't matter what styles you like, the colors you choose, or the songs you dance to - if they reflect your love story, they will be fondly remembered and will stand the test of time. A timeless wedding photo doesn't have to just include the happy couple. Don't be afraid to prioritize photographing the important decisions you made during your wedding planning.

Place paper cards with a touch of color over neutral tones for a timeless look and feel. Make sure to use the same font that was on your wedding invitation to achieve a unified look. Many elements play an important role in the atmosphere of your event, but the landscapes of the wedding tables are key. To create an incredible tablescape, use these 10 elements.

Ariel and Dan's wedding at Dum is a perfect example of how to take advantage of the best of a destination to transform the ordinary into an extraordinary experience. According to The Knot, “whether you choose fresh flowers for your wedding cake or intricate sugar flowers as decoration, incorporating flowers is one of the most timeless wedding cake design techniques. We spoke to Allie Young of Allie Morgan Events, an extraordinary wedding planner, about her easy and affordable tips for incorporating timeless elements into your wedding day. To make your classic wedding stand out, you don't have to think only about fairytales and highly produced environments; on the contrary, a detailed atmosphere with the right accessories and a traditional style will be more than enough to create the best aesthetic experience on your wedding day. Believe it or not, the beach is one of the settings that transcends time and trends, so a wedding at a destination in Cabo will be a good choice to create the classic wedding of your dreams without leaving aside creativity and surprises.

You can make just about any wedding venue fit a classic wedding theme as long as the colors and decor are fluid, but traditionally places such as country clubs, dance halls, large estates, or luxury hotels are generally considered classic wedding venues. From the cake decorator to the wedding dress designer, choosing styles that last will make all the difference in how your wedding will feel. Of course, you can't forget the wedding cake - one of the basics for having a classic wedding with charm. Destination weddings are a great way to better showcase the beauty of nature. Wherever you are, you can create stunning photos that accentuate natural landscapes.

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