The Best Wedding and Event Photographers in the United States

Elizabeth Messina is a talented wedding photographer and one of the most influential of the moment. She believes that there is no single way to capture the beauty of a wedding day, and her mission is to find the right balance between creativity and professionalism. Clane Gessel is another talented photographer who has achieved quick wins, with his photos being published in National Geographic and Smithsonian magazine. This helped him earn the title of one of the best photographers in Seattle.

As time went on, Clane realized that he was an expert at telling stories through photographs. When it comes to the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles, Amy and Stuart have to be at the top of the list. They love photography immensely and devote most of their time to this profession, allowing them to work and develop a career in photography while enjoying their work. They take splendid photos of weddings and photo sessions using their talent and experience, always striving to create a positive environment for the couple and allow them to celebrate their special day with less stress.

Amy and Stuart are definitely ones you can trust for your wedding photography and also recommend others. Tony is one of the best wedding photographers in the world. He is an experienced photographer who focuses on portraying stories while taking wedding photos, having photographed 150 weddings in his account, each one reflecting a unique experience and an impactful story. He believes that wedding snappers should incorporate and convey emotions in their photos, so that no moment seems boring or disgusting. If you want to meet some of the best creative wedding photographers, Ben Hartley has to be at the top of the list. He is a connoisseur of human nature who believes that exceptional human beings and their emotions are the key to the face of the Earth.

Making use of photography, he strives to reflect the splendor and uniqueness of couples. Adam Kealing is an elegant wedding photographer who always strives to get the best moments from his photographs. He is a renowned wedding photographer not only in the United States but also abroad, being the owner and principal photographer of Adam Kealing Wedding Photography and having photographed more than 300 weddings to date. His goal is to surprise you by capturing innovative and artistic photos. When it comes to names of award-winning photographers, you can't miss Sherry Hagerman's name. She has won several awards, including “Best Wedding Studio in the United States” for the past 3 years and “Best in the Midwest” for the past 10 years.

She is one of the best wedding photographers in the United States and was recently ranked 6th in the world. Her photos have been published in several magazines, newspapers and important art publications. Blake Nelson is a self-taught wedding photographer based in New York with a passion for digital and film photography. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources, such as film, fashion and music, which means that he creates relevant, unique and enriching photographs. Using a mix of black and white (26%) and color photographs, Blake Nelson creates beautiful wedding albums with a genuine feeling and emotional intelligence that few photographers can capture. Cara Mia has travelled around the world taking her unique photography style with her.

From her base in the states, she has traveled to Turkey, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Qatar and more. Her photography is a far cry from classic wedding photography, so Cara Mia is a great choice for modern couples who want to avoid tradition altogether. This doesn't mean that your wedding album isn't authentic and genuine; it just means that you won't see any classic photos. Combining genuine romance with an editorial touch, Casi Yost manages to capture moments that matter without sticking to traditional styles of wedding photography. Casi Yost believes that couples should be guided through their wedding photography experience feeling happy, comfortable and completely at ease with the process; their goal is to capture a genuine human connection beyond just the bride and groom on their wedding day. Ira Lippke is very creative in corporate event photography, especially for photographing weddings.

He has won the “Photographer of the Year” award for his creative work from the Association of Wedding Photojournalists. He has enjoyed more than 20 years of compelling photography for every wedding he documents; I quickly learned that a good wedding photographer needs to be able to make transitions to all styles of photography in an instant. Named one of the best wedding photographers by several publications, Tec Petaja is among today's most sought after professionals. Each season of wedding photography provides an opportunity for him to explore more dimensions of expression. After finding success in their respective areas of interest, Amy and Stuart made it their priority to prioritize weddings and events because that's where their heart lies.

Take a look around and discover stunning portraits, beautiful trends, stunning locations, brilliant ideas, and find just the right photographer for your wedding style. If you're looking for a celebrity-level photographer then John & Joseph are your go-to choice; however his experience in fashion, photojournalism, portraits and advertising made him one of ten best wedding photographers in the world. He runs Callaway Gable teaching website every year going somewhere inspiring people teaching art & profession of wedding photography from India to Peru Spain & beyond. Originally from Indonesia now based in Southern California Quicksall's...

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