What Kind of Editing Do Wedding and Event Photographers Do to Photos?

Photo retouching is the process of digitally altering the appearance of a final image to make it appear more attractive than the original. This is done with photo editing programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Professional photographers don't finish their job when the wedding is over; the real work begins after the event. The editing process involves converting the unedited RAW files into the finished JPEG files that you see in your online gallery.

This includes a few steps, which are broken down here. Editing photos is a common practice in the photography industry, and photo editing software allows photographers to improve an image and give it a unique look that can't be achieved with the camera alone. The number of photographers who edit wedding photographs themselves is decreasing, while others cooperate with online wedding photo retouching services. If you want to retouch images on your own, there are 20 wedding photo editing tips to help you raise your level of editing wedding photos.

Your photographer will capture hundreds or thousands of images throughout the day and edit them after the event is over. It's common practice for wedding photographers to use Photo Mechanic as a preliminary selection and classification tool before taking images to Lightroom (or any editing application they use). Photographers aren't trying to hide anything; they're simply creating a charming narrative. When a professional photographer gives you the best photos, edited to the highest possible standards, there's no need to review hundreds of unedited and unused photos, sometimes dozens of the same pose with minor differences.

Most wedding photographers will retain the rights to own, reproduce and publish their photos. Photos can evoke strong feelings, especially if they capture an important event in life, such as a wedding or the arrival of a new baby. Everyone has their own system of what works best for them and develops it over time, but sometimes it can be useful to see what other photographers are doing, as it could cause a reformulation of the process itself and result in an improvement in efficiency. When a professional photographer gives you the best photos, edited to the highest possible standards, there's no need to review hundreds of unedited and unused photos. Despite customer guarantees that they won't mind receiving hundreds of photographs without any editing, photographers are forced to manually process and email the entire batch. Photoshop is often called the best wedding editing software because of its powerful options and effective photo editing tools.

It's important for photographers to have a reliable backup system in place in case of computer crashes. Having a RAW and Lightroom catalog file on an external drive ensures that photographers can move this unit to a secondary computer and have instant access to their current wedding and portrait work (faster than having to set up a new drive and restore the files from a backup copy).

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