Post-Processing for Wedding and Event Photographers: What You Need to Know

Post-processing is an essential part of the wedding photography process. It involves manipulating and improving digital photographs using specialized photo editing software. Common post-processing techniques include cropping, straightening, color correction, adjusting exposure, printing with clones, retouching and adding text or graphics. Post-processing is a self-auditing process that helps photographers show their best work to their customers.

When reviewing images from a wedding photo session, you may notice that some people have their eyes closed, there are some camera movements, and there is room for improvement in terms of color correction, light and shadow adjustments, saturation, and exposure. These minor changes can make a big difference in the aesthetic of the images. Photo retouching is the process of digitally altering the appearance of a final image to make it look more pleasing than the original. Retouching is done with photo editing programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

The topic of photo retouching is controversial among wedding photographers. Companies like ShootDotEdit offer quality post-processing services to wedding photographers. If you're thinking about starting your own wedding photography business, you should accept that post-processing is an integral part of the process. Some photographers may be determined to complete the work themselves, at no cost, but it may take a while as they have to fit it into their current schedules and weddings with current clients.

Being able to add brightness and finesse to basic RAW files with Lightroom is what makes a photographer a photographer. Brides who don't know what to expect from their wedding photos may mistakenly assume that there is no need to diet because “the photographer can make them look slimmer”. After a busy day at a client's wedding photo session, you may think that you can finally take a sigh of relief - but what comes next will be more demanding than the wedding session itself. It's important to remember that post-processing is an important part of the entire wedding photography process.

If you use your wedding photographer to create products and they benefit from extra income, they will most likely retouch those photos for free and give you updated digital files. Ultimately, I want you to be delighted with your wedding photos, so let's talk if there's anything you don't like about your wedding photos that can be solved with Photoshop.

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