29 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing the right photographer. After all, your wedding photos will be a lasting reminder of your special day. To ensure you get the best possible photos, it's important to ask the right questions when interviewing potential photographers. In addition to learning about the experience of the wedding photographer and the testimonials of the clients, you should ask to see their previous work.

In particular, Simplicio advises asking to see a complete wedding gallery. Instagram feeds and websites normally only show the best photos they have, he says. One of the most important questions you should ask the wedding photographer is whether a deposit will be required to guarantee your wedding date. Be sure to ask how much the deposit costs, when it is due and if it is refundable or not. Wedding photography isn't an easy topic and interviewing potential wedding photographers can be a daunting task. Whether you hire Lin and Jirsa's wedding photography team or another studio, we've created a list of 29 questions to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

This is a great question to get an idea of how much experience your photographer has overall. Years are not a good indicator of experience, as some wedding photographers may work part-time and only shoot five weddings a year on the weekends. So, maybe they have five years of experience, but they've only shot 25 weddings. Once again, look at our experience indicator in the section “How do I choose a wedding photographer?” section for an indicator of what we consider experienced. To help you out, we've put together a list of 29 questions you should ask a wedding photographer, which will help you determine if they are correct before booking.

You might think that's an obvious question, but photographers can book 12 to 18 months in advance. Ask in your initial enquiry email if the date is available and check when you see it that someone hasn't booked that date. Check with them how far in advance you will need to secure them with a deposit. You decide if you give food to your photographer, but that's the polite thing to do. They will work more than 10 hours for you and will need a livelihood.

A professional wedding photographer must have professional liability insurance and liability insurance. Compensation coverage should range from 2 to 5 million pounds and they will be happy to show you their insurance documents if requested. So, another of the seven questions you should ask yourself before hiring your wedding photographer is: “How will each of us be covered throughout the day?” The usual advice here is to ask if it's possible to have a second photographer. If you want to give your wedding gallery an extra touch, consider asking your photographer if he records in other formats, such as movies. By looking at the full wedding day galleries, you can really assess if you think a potential wedding photographer knows what they're doing with the light. Talk to your photographer about whether or not you have liability insurance, which protects you from lawsuits in the event of injuries or property damage.

Imagine a studio with a single wedding photographer shooting 2 to 3 weddings in a weekend, attention to detail and to the customer, the service could be affected under these circumstances. Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography are primarily photojournalists with touches of wedding photography techniques influenced by fashion and fine art. Most photographers take digital photos, not with film, so you can expect wedding packages to include a full set of edited digital copies of your stock photos (the number you'll receive depends; talk to your photographer to determine the number of images they usually provide). There's nothing worse than the photographer missing half of your wedding because his camera or lens broke down and he didn't have a spare one. You'll want to meet with your potential wedding photographer to talk about what you want, learn more about his work and decide if you identify with him. Google is a great place to start looking for the best wedding photographer for your wants and needs (as well as your wedding venue).

Ask them if they have an alternative plan in case they can't photograph your wedding due to illness or other unexpected circumstance. It's best to hire a photographer who creates a contract with you and be suspicious of photographers who “don't usually create contracts for clients”.While they can capture the most beautiful and eye-catching photos, if your photographer has terrible customer service skills, you might have a hard time on your wedding day. Many photographers won't color correct any, or will only color correct the “selected” images of their wedding.

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